After years of trying to get pregnant and experiencing the “Am I? Aren’t I?” anticipation that goes with this each month; I am eagerly expecting the birth of twins following successful IVF treatment in Northern Cyprus.

Our 16 Week Scan – It’s Twins!

The clinic in Cyprus was not as I expected. It was a huge white clinical building with no pictures of children on display inside and appeared quite cold.

However the first impression was soon overturned when I met the Doctor, a gentle man who impressed  me on every occasion that I met, emailed or telephoned him.

The main reason that I went for treatment In Northern Cyprus wasn’t because of the 75% success rate that they had, or that Dr Berk would treat me at the age of 47, or because of the reasonable costs.

The main reason I happily underwent treatment was because I trusted him.

I am a happily married 47-year-old professional woman and have 2 children from a previous marriage. When I started on the infertility journey I had no idea that I wouldn’t be able to conceive apart from the knowledge that the month on month of trying was making my body a little bit older and less able to conceive. My husband has 2 children from a previous marriage so he also knew that conceiving should not be a problem.

After accepting that I was never going to conceive naturally at the age of 45 I approached IVF clinics in the UK. I found that most of the clinics would not treat me due to my age. I also found the whole process cold and unwelcoming. To commence any sort of consultation or treatment I had to pay money upfront without meeting anyone or getting past the receptionist.

In Northern Cyprus the financial experience was totally different; I met with the accounting department who informed my husband and me of costs, the medical section never discussed costs or payments at any stage. I had numerous consultations in person, by phone and email with Doctor Berk and actually received my whole IVF treatment including implantation before I made my one-off payment to them.

At writing this I am 20 weeks pregnant and can only express my praise for a wonderfully easy experience that Dr Berk and his team provided. I am pregnant with twins on my first attempt at IVF and this appears to be quite an accomplishment. I have spoken to many women who have a relative or friend who have been through IVF unsuccessfully and have spent a fortune on the process.

Whilst my husband and I were considering IVF we wanted help but objective opinion was difficult to find. Whenever I read a newspaper article about an older woman having a baby I would scan the article for the details of where she had her IVF treatment, what she had to do before and after treatment, how long the treatment took and how much the treatment cost; most articles never went to the level of detail I wanted.

I hope that this website will help others realise their dreams as we have realised ours.

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